Only Time Will Tell

Ask about anyone, and they will tell you that the current crop of elected people has to be about the most self centered bunch of idiots ever.  I won't wax political for either side.   Seems like we just get one new bunch after throwing out the old guys and the new guys seem to get worse that we had.

Before you swell up and say Hell No!  I would invite you to consider that they have and will promise us the cure only to find a new disease worse than the last one.   The only thing that makes me laugh about this is the fact that so few of you voted in the last round of elections, that I can say that few voted for these Morons. 

Who is the worst President of all times?  Based on the latest polls and discussions on TV, the current guys is always the worst.   Only time will tell as this guy fills out the last two years of his term in office.  His record will be finalized and then and only then will we put him in the right place. 

What makes me really sad is that as I look out there I can't seem to find a candidate that will begin to really do the job well.  This is my problem, I know that.  

One person that I would love to see elected is a guy that a lot of people hate.  Senator John McCain is one person that deserves only the best from us.  He is an Ex-POW and one of the few guys that has been involved in things that have crossed the aisle and had bi-partisan support.   The rest of the guys in Congress seem to hate anything that is not their party's idea.  That kind of thinking got us the Affordable Health Care Act.   I heard this week that if costs so much that the Congressional staffers were told they didn't have to use it.  Another loop home created by the loop home Master. 

How can we fix this whole mess?   I am not sure we can but one thing we should do is to have congress really sit down and look at the laws we have and start cutting down on them.  I would go so far as to say there needs to be sunset dates (expiration Dates) on all laws. 

We should have all the government we can afford to pay for.  Not one cent should be proposed above the current tax level.  Income should be greater than or equal to outgo.  A few people said the last person to have a balanced budget was Bill Clinton.    What they don't say is that he just didn't increase the deficit they have. He just didn't spend more than we had coming in.   I would like to have a little of the budget deficit paid off each year.  Even a balanced budget with a 1 or 2 percent pay back would be something I would love to see.  

A few years back, my portion of the National Debt was something that I could have helped pay for.  It is growing so fast and high that I am no longer sure that even if we all emptied our savings we can make a dent.  I hear that a large number of people out there don't have any savings to dip in to.

Speaking of dents, the Kansas projected shortfall next year is about 600 million.  If there are about 2 million people living in Kansas, why don't each of us pay a head tax of a few dollars and balance that puppy.  I think most of us would also throw in a few dollars for education.   I would also stop the use of the Fuel Tax dollars to plug holes and start fixing our roads and bridges.  When the Willard Bridge here in Shawnee County falls down, I just pray no one is on it.

Jes' Say'n.


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