My Stupid chant on a Bus

At Fort Sill. OK in 1966, I was an Officer Candidate doing my best to learn the Profession of Artillery so I didn't get killed or kill any of my fellow soldiers in Vietnam.  One thing we did was ride to far flung classes on busses driven by a bunch of old retired Sergeants that retired there in Lawton and drove the busses to supplement their retirement pay.  They always wanted to hear or see something new from the Candidates on the bus.  One Morning someone said lets give him the Fort Sill Cheer.   "We Love it here, We love it Here - Bull Shit."  Someone said lets tell him what we think of it.  "We hate this F#$%*ING Place."   Someone said no, lets give him the positive cheer - "We Positively hate this f#$%^&ing Place." 

Had that old Sergeant wanted to get us all in boiling hot water, all he would have had to do was turn us all in.  I am sure that there would have been a bunch of us sent packing - mostly to Vietnam. 

So when you hear that a bunch of drunk fraternity kids got their chapter kicked off the campus, just remember the times you too were young and stupid.  I guess the biggest difference today is there is the ability to record everything on your cell phone and back then it would have been his word against ours.  


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