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To tell the truth, spell checker may not be enough.  I would also like to be able to go to a dictionary without closing this post.  I am unsure if I should say Amusing Things on Monday or just leave it Musing on Monday.   To tell the truth I really can find that many things to be amused about today.  I write posts on a 55-56 & 57 Chevy Facebook page and they tend to have themes each day.  Today's name was More Door Monday.  People are encouraged to post pictures of their 4 door (or 5 door if it is a sedan delivery type car)  So Monday Musings it is.

Do you know why I think Hillary should not run for the Presidency?  If she won she would probably let the most low morale ex President live there.  She would undoubtedly do better if she would just admit that Bill lied to her and the rest of us and divorce his ass.  Surely at that time in her life she has enough money to retire gracefully.   If I had as many skeletons in my closet as she does, I would just go on the speaker circuit and tell her version of the truth until she does have enough money to live where and how she desires.  I am sure that a tell all book about Bill would be a winner.  If she does start the run for the Presidency, the first place to start on her record is White Water.  How she made that much money off what was clearly a scam should damage her reputation beyond repair.  It is clear that she uses Lawyer Speak and surrounds the facts in ways that complicate the matters. 

I wish we had someone, or anyone in the conservative part of either party that can stand up in front of people and help them understand in clear language what they stand for.  One thing I hate is when people want to know where the candidate stands on issues that he or she won't have any say over.  Look at their record and see if they have been arrested and ask a few general questions but the Presidential Candidate's stance on Abortion is just not a part of that job. 

If asked to run, here is my platform on my record.  I have been married to the same wife for 47 years and love her a lot.  I have managed to serve my country for 33+ years and started as a Private and ended as a Colonel.  I have a lot of medals, ribbons and certificates for doing a good job.  I hope the people that served for and with me think I did a good job anyway.  I have managed to sit down with the wife to plan for and save our retirement.  At the end of each month we end with money left at the end of the days each month.  I am proud to be a Kansan, and a graduate of KU with a degree in Business.  I love to sit in the stands of Phog Allen Field House and sing "Rock Chalk at the end of games. I am a human being and have no intentions to tell you that I am perfect.  I am like Popeye and "I Yam what I Yam."

Rock Chalk Jay Hawk in the stands with the students

From the above, I hope you can tell that I am a Pink, Purple, Black or indifferent person (Pick One) it matters not to me which category you pick.  I am on the conservative side of the Ledger with strong feelings about Fiscal (Money) matters.  If I was to tell you about my heroes, I would probably start with Dave Ramsey and end with my family.  I believe that Congress does not have an idea how much they are spending or taking in.  Until the balance the budget and fill the depleted coffers of the programs that people really depend on we will not move forward.  I am the most proud of my Military that has given more minorities the chance to show what they have and earn promotion with regard to their performance not race.   I grew up poor and now I'm NOT.  That should say it all to you as it does to me.  OK, I'm not running and moving on, here is the rest of today's story. 

For some reason I do not understand, last year's Turbo Tax electronic records are AWOL.  I have looked in everything to include the cloud and am having no luck.  I even reloaded the 2013 Program back onto the new computer and searched.  Zip, zilch, nada...I do have the hard copies but not the electronic file copies.  I am now reloading the information into the Turbo Tax categories into the Computer and having a little trouble telling exactly where everything goes.  It is not that I am lying, I just don't remember last years stuff that well.  My sister has asked me help her with some questions and I just flat can't tell her over the telephone what I did, let alone how to do what she needs to do.  I have advised her to do what I am doing and look at last years stuff and see what she did then. 

Did I mention that I would just have the Government take what they need and leave us the hell enough alone?   Get the IRS Auditors out of their work bothering us and have them look for ways for the system just to take a flat percentage of what they need.  Right off the top and get it over with.  If they want to have me collect the sources of my income, I don't have a problem with that.  It is trying to put it together in such a way that makes sense that I find hard.  One thing I do like is when Turbo Tax lies to me and tells me that the probability of being audited is low.  Those words are honey and butter on my biscuits. 

Oh well, moving on for the day.  I have promised myself that cold crud or not, I am going to get outside and doing something worthwhile while the 60 degree days are here.


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