Mad Dash to Oklahoma

We made a mad dash to Oklahoma to witness Depositions from some people we are in a legal battle with.  Unfortunately, the weather was bad so the lawyers could not get to Ok City where the Depositions were scheduled.  We managed to be there and managed to get home without getting ourselves killed.   Oh well.

The only good thing that happened this week is that my beloved Jayhawks managed to pull out a victory over West Virginia and clinch their 11th BIG XII Championship in a row.  They never lost at home and won enough on the road to come out victorious.  I am still blown away by the fact that Allen Field House is always packed and I watched Texas Tech and OK State play and there were empty seats all over the place.  Oh well, the advantage of a rocking field house called "The Phog" is ours.

It was down to about 10 last night and they say it will be in the 60's by Saturday.  I think we all need a break and a chance to get out and "Blow the Stink Off."  I have plans for Saturday and I think Sunday or Monday Dave and I will put a new fender on his car.  His car got hit by a deer and the fender on a Chevy Caviler is just thicker than a beer can.  It died ugly.  The good thing is that it only cost just a little over $100 to replace it and the plastic inner fender parts. 

On our trip, I saw a lot of turkeys out in the fields.  Several of the winter wheat fields has some snow and you could see the tender green shoots sticking up.  That's where I saw the most turkeys.   Here by Topeka we didn't seem to get much snow.  Down around Wichita was where we saw snow going down and back north.  Another thing we see in Kansas is a lot of red tailed hawks sitting in the trees looking for little mousy-mouse's.  I am pretty sure they would eat a snake or two but I'll bet they are all down in a den somewhere way below the ground level.

For some reason, I have again had a low grade fever and Barb has never stopped coughing.  My head aches like I have a small sinus infection going and nothing in the lungs like last time.  I am sure we were both exposed to about all of the Upper respiratory Infections out there in the rest of the world.  I know that the coughing has her awake early and probably has hurt the quality of sleep she did have.

Oh well, another hour by the computer shot all to heck.  Write if you get a job.


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