62 Degrees at 7 AM

Just went out to get the paper and the cloud cover held the heat in last night and it was 62 degrees in Kansas in November. Spooky stuff. Got a lot to do outside yet so it is not all bad if it doesn't rain. I either have to make the blue trim look good or paint over it. A Few shutters would not be bad either.
Today is the celebrated Veteran's Day and there won't be any Government Offices open and the mail won't get delivered. The things that work today are the paper and the coffee maker. Those two things start my day in a good way. I was a paper boy for a year back in the early 60's and got in the habit of reading the paper at the start of the day. The coffee part didn't start for a few years but man I enjoy a good cup of coffee and the rustle of a new paper. I think there is something primal about being the first person to open a new paper that goes back to the days of having about a hundred new papers. Back then I walked my route and put the paper on the porch in most cases. There was one house that I would throw a paper on the porch and mostly I hit the porch until the owner met me one day with a ladder. I had to climb on the roof and get down those I missed the porch with. They were OK people just a little fussy about having those boxed papers on the roof. On Monday the paper was pretty small and you could make a box out of it and man would those boxed suckers fly.
Those of us that are KU Sports fans are just holding our breath. KU is listed at number three in the nation and our next games are against Missouri (Number 5) and probably Oklahoma (Number 4). The fate of the football team in in our own hands. I don't think they are really number one or two but they sure play like a good team that wins. I told someone the other day that it always seemed like the Football team found ways to stop on the offense and lose in the past. This year they just keep playing to the end of the game and win. 10-0 ain't no small potatoes. The Basketball team just is loaded with talent and they will lose only when they forget to do what has them ranked number 4 in the Nation. They have big men and guards so talented that it is just not funny. They have one guy sitting on the bench letting his knee heal that will probably go pro next year. He has a Paul Pierce ability and if his body holds together will be on someones big money list next year.
Barb and I have been talking about a trip to Morocco in March or early April next year. Probably won't hurt to do the taxes early and see if there is enough money to take the trip. I guess it is a blessing to have money to earn taxes on and then to have the money to pay them when due. Mixed blessing. The value of the US dollar is also way down but hey, this is a trip of a lifetime.
I hear the squirrels up and out at the feeder. It is a shame that our outside cat doesn't like those bushy tailed rodents. Squirrel snacks might be just the ticket.

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