What Do I Want To Do With Rest Of My Life?

Jeez Louise, you would think that at the age of 60 and with the good part of life in the palm of my hand I would stop asking myself that stupid question. I find that several times a week I ask myself what do I want to do with the rest of my life? I have everything I need and most of what I want so what the hell is there left? I'll tell you that it is the social capital that I think I need. As much as I needed Kenny here to help me with the really technical jobs, I think I needed him to have someone to talk to. I probably frustrated the hell out of him but I truly think I needed that social interaction that included having his dog meet me at the door and wagging her tail.
Our PBS Station has a program called "Simple Living" with Wanda Urbanska and she had a long talk about simple living. One topic was called "Bowling Alone" and it had a lot of the answers even if I didn't know all the questions. For example join one social club or organization and you are 50% less likely to die that year. Join a second organization and you are an additional 25% less likely to die. I'm sure that some where out there everyone must die but we are social animals and quality is better than quantity but quantity isn't all bad.
Now back to the real world. A couple of days ago it was 70 degrees and we set a new daytime high for that date. Today it started at 35 degrees and it has continued to cool off. As I went shopping about noon it was cold enough that on thin surfaces ice was forming. The ground is obviously way too warm but the mailbox and the hood of the truck had a rind of ice when I got home.
Crap, just as I thought I had one of the answers to life, Wanda talks about having a room of your own and spiritual growth when we set time to be alone and finding our own simple place. Slow down when you feel too pressured and try to find a center for your life. www.simplelivingtv.net is supposed to be a place for you to find answers . Great web site and I recommend you look it up.
So what is I really want to do with the rest of my life? I guess I'm doing it right now and so long as it works for me, I'll continue doing it.

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