Who Are You?

I am amazed at the great lengths people go to hide their identity. I have friends and family that really complain when I post a picture or their identity on my blog. Heck, even my better half has kind of complained about it when I talk about her.
The way I see it, the information age is here and there is so much out there about us on line that no matter how hard we try you can be "Googled" and found out about. I don't even try any more. I figure that if the bad guys want my good name they are welcome to share. I will continue to do my best to not besmirch it too much but by now most of the damage is done.
This morning the sky was about a wild as I have ever seen it. Right above Rabbit Run there were some very high clouds and as the sun was coming up it reflected a golden hue right down here. The sky in the east was a reddish golden color and the colors here were spectacular. I walked in the house and told Barb about it and when we looked out, the sun had just moved enough that it was all gone. Now it just looks like a lightly overcast day and in spite of it being 9AM it looks much earlier. Oh well, it will be 60 toady and it s not to snow for a couple of days. Better get some things done outside.
I really want to thank Ken for the idea of going to Joyland to look for things to update the new house. I looked at shutters at Lowe's and they were $25 to $30 @. I found four for $20.00 at Joyland. That is our local second hand store here and is a treasure trove of things piled here and there. The railing was about $10.00 a foot at Lowe's and I found it at about $1.00 a foot at Joyland. Heck, I bought paint and color matched the rail for about half of the cost of the railing. I guess used doesn't mean bad, it means inexpensive. I had typed cheap but that is not really the way I see it. Cheap could be inferior and not up to the task at hand. Most of the older stuff is better built and built to last. Most of the new stuff is plastic and won't last out the first season it is used.
Better get my act together. I need a ride up to the house to get my truck and Barb will be ready soon.


  1. Yeah, I'm not sure where that line is either on posting pics and names. I figure I can post my immediate family if I want to. My in-laws aren't so sure about me posting their pics, but I think it's a vanity thing rather than a privacy thing. This morning I posted the full name of someone I knew 20 years ago. I wasn't sure if I should do that, but if someone googled her name, it would only be nice things they saw written. I'd love to take pictures of some of my neighbors and post them, but then I'd feel I needed permission to do that which would mean I'd have to tell them about my blog and THAT freaks me out! (I know. I'm weird.)

  2. Oh, and I needed another cup of coffee for this post. It took waaaay too long for me to figure out that you weren't going to Joyland in Wichita (which is an old amusement park that's closed down) to get these items for your home repairs.