The top eagle is one of my almost 20 year old Eagles that I wore for almost 10 years as a Colonel in the National Guard.

The one on the left is the Army Staff Badge and current Army Symbol
The one on the right is a picture used by my niece Jenn in her Blog.
Can you tell that all the one's I used the eagle faced left? Her's faced right and is a picture of what we called a "War Eagle" Normally the Eagle faces the feather end of the arrows and the "War Eagle" faces towards the arrow points. Jenn asked for a little more information so here goes. The Army wears their rank insignia on the right collar. They wear a branch insignia on the left collar. Their Eagle faces away from the person you meet. During wartime it is rumored that many of the "Old Brass" wore a War Eagle instead of the normal eagle. Just today I found a new book called The Colonel" and darned if they didn't have the eagle backwards. Oh well...;
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  1. so do tell...when and how are the different eagles used?