Why don't we write more?

Today in "Dear Abby" a guy complained that people don't write personal notes much any more. He was disappointed that his mail has turned into a source for bills and advertising. Barb said, DUH! we are writing probably more than ever it is just the form we use. We probably know more about what others in our families are doing than ever. We blog and e-mail at a high rate and in a lot of cases more than we can read.
My concern is one that I pointed out to a couple of people last week. They talk about things and don't tell us background an the what's of what they do. There is also a new blogger out there that is still testing the water and hasn't even posted a profile to identify herself.
I figure that writing about what I do is the purpose of this site. If you don't like why I write there are always the comment section. Lately there doesn't seem to be much in the way about comments but the number counter continues to spin so people are reading.
I love to hear about your gardens, your grand kids, you joys and the things going on in your life. Whatever form you use, continue to communicate.


  1. Hi Mud,

    i still regularly keep peeking at your blog. Seeing how another persons life develops with ups and downs, work and fun, makes it lighter for me when I happen to be in a darker moo. We are the same age group with totally different lives and it is good for me to know you and your family and dogs

  2. Thanks for the drop in and the note. I do have my bad mood days but try to keep positive. I have been so fortunate in life to so much and live to see it. Mostly I find that keeping busy solves most of my problems. At least I don't remember most of the problems when I'm needing a nap.