Windy Day in Sportsland!

When I went out to get the paper this morning, it was 41 degrees and the air so calm that it was foggy. By the time I got my tire fixed, it was a little warmer but the wind was about 35 MPH. I worked on the sunny side of the new house and it was great there. When I moved to the west side, I swear that my ladder blew over every time I got off it to get something.
The good news is that most of the trim is done on the outside. I do need to do some minor trim on the north side and put up some guttering. A few coats of paint her and there and it will be done.
Went to "On the Border" tonight with Dave and Barb for her birthday. Da Barbs birthdays are a month apart (and a few years). The wind and cold just destroyed my sense of smell today so the only real taste was hot.
Gotta Run. MUD

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