It will be a cold day in Kansas when, "The Missouri Tigers ever play the Jay Hawks for anything more than just a game".

Get ready boys and girls, it snowed here today and a lot of people will be watching tonight as the Tigers and the Jay Hawks play for what could be a birth in the National BCS title Bowl. It will be a battle royal as both teams are good and have a winning record. KU is 11-0 and Missouri is 10-1.

Yesterday was upset Saturday in Football and the Bowl picture is completely as upside down as is possible. Hawaii won the WAC and is undefeated. If KU could win out it is possible that two undefeated teams Hawaii and KU could play for a National Title. I won't hold my breath but hey, this is as early as it ever snowed in Kansas that I can remember.

Enjoy the game and get ready for the Bowls and Basketball. KU ain't bad there either.

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