What a Weekend!

It all started when I got to see the 2007-2008 Jay Hawks basketball team play their first game on Thursday evening. It was great to see the entire team get to play and have a good time playing an in state Div II team. Of course they won silly goose. It wasn't the score or the opponent that was important.
On Saturday I worked at the new house in the AM and then had a chicken and noodle lunch at a local church. The girl serving mashed potatoes asked if I wanted my chicken and noodles over the mashed spuds. DUH! did you ever have them any other way? Too many meals in the local school system. Barb said, "Carbohydrates over carbs?" Oh well, I also had some mystery pie that was a combination of bananas, cherries, frozen strawberries topped with some whipped topping. It was darned good and managed to get most of my favorite things into one pie. After that meal I managed to watch almost all of the KU vs Nebraska game. It was so exciting to watch the Hawks go down field 10 times in a row and score. The final was 69 to 30 something. It serves the Corn Huskers right to have someone run up the score on them for a change. This has put the Hawks in the number 4 spot on the BCS. Can we say BCS $ boys and girls.
Sunday was a work day and I managed to get a lot of the trim finished on the outside of the new house done. It all needs a coat of paint but watertight is important first and paint will come later. I did listen to the KC Chiefs game but it was a disaster. I wouldn't have watched it on TV or better yet, I would gave napped through most of it.
Sunday night was the best. Barb and I went to a concert at Washburn put on by the Fountain City (Kansas City has more fountains than Rome) Brass Band. It was a very good concert and they play such a diverse set of music that it was hard to believe it wasn't an orchestra and not just brass. I swear that when they broke into a Jewish piece I could hear clarinets. They did a combination piece that took John Williams music from Star Wars played by a alien group and combined it with a Jazz piece that just blew the house down. It was the most enjoyable two hours I have had in a long time. I think Barbara even had a good time. She goes to musicals with me, I think to humor me but every once in a while she gets a winner too.
This morning a cold front came rushing down from Nebraska and I will go get a tire fixed first. The temperature will be near 50 but the 35 MPH wind will make for a miserable day. Oh well, life ain't always fun, sometimes you get wind. (In Kansas that is most of the time) Have a great day out there.

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  1. That concert sounds fabulous! I didn't know that bit about KC having more fountains than Rome either. And yes, the wind is FIERCE here today. I went out to feed the animals with Na just so I could grab her if she started to blow away, LOL!

    I enjoyed hearing about your family tradition. It is so hard to get everyone together in one place. We usually alternate years. Last year we invited everyone from both sides that lives near us. Not everyone came, but we had about 36 people in all! I think you are so right that the most important thing about holidays is family and being together.