Random Thoughts

Today is one of those days that just seems crappy. You would think that 70 degrees with a light breeze would be a nice day for November. But, it is overcast and there is enough moisture in the air that you could almost drink it. The sidewalks are wet from the moisture. I hope it either makes up its mind and rains or clears up. Either way I don't have big plans today. Mostly I have a few stray thoughts today so here goes:
  • I have a squirrel feeder that is "Squirrel Proof". Yesterday I saw the strangest behavior by one of the little buggers. He would climb up on top and try to get the seeds. When he just couldn't, he would jump over to the porch support. I saw him do this three or four times before it was clear that each time he jumped, the feeder would bounce up and down ad spill a few seeds. The little bugger had found a way to get a few seeds from the feeder. Give them enough time, and they will find a way. He is back this morning but hasn't been up there yet! There are anywhere from three to six squirrels out there now.
  • Do you know the significance of Veteran's day being on Nov 11th. WWI was ended at the 11th Hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. (no, the year wasn't 1911 it was 1918) Today I would ask that you spend a few moments thinking about your family members that fought in earlier wars to help maintain freedom. Whatever you do, don't confuse the members of the Military with the guys that cause the wars. The failure to maintain peace is the Government's fault not the Military's.
  • Thanksgiving is a mixed blessing. If you don't have it at your house you don't have left overs. The good news if you don't have it at your house you don't have leftovers. Yes, this is an oxymoron. (Isn't that the guy that sells that stuff on TV?) How many thousands of calories do you eat because it is there and you don't want it to go to waste (or to your waist) I think being a volunteer at the local Thanksgiving feed is a good thing. I'm not sure what we will do. Somewhere out there in the future I will probably stop preparing enough to feed the masses but I will miss it. I will continue to grill a turkey on the grill sometime between September and Christmas. Nothing better than a good smoked turkey. I even bought myself a special ring so there would be a spit to turn the turkey on. No, the turkey doesn't get turned on, it gets turned slowly over the smoke.
  • One of these times we need to have a long talk with the kids about the color scheme of their house. It is a real light blue with a dark blue trim. It looks like a giant Lowe's building. Oh well, it is really starting to look good and one of these days I'll be done there.
  • What do you wear as your casual clothes inside your house? I am tending more and more towards the sweats but find them too warm on those days where the sun shines in the house. Today they are a good thing as it is overcast. Now if I could just find that other slipper. Can't wear just one but can't find two.
  • Last night Boone Pickens (who has given Oklahoma State many Millions of dollars) said that the real problem right now with oil is that we has demand for 88 million barrels of oil a day and only the ability to pump 85 million. I think the problem is that even if we did get an extra million or two more we don't have the capacity to do anything with it. We haven't built a new processing refinery since the Jimmy Carter Presidency. Both parties have had their run during the intervening time. We need to just wind up our windmills today to have all the electricity we could use.
That's all I have for now. I hope you all have a great day and a better week.

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