Some Body Pinch ME!

There are Jayhawk fans all over the heartland that just don't believe the incredible good fortune to have two teams in the TOP 4 nationally. There is a lot of premature talk about the Hawks being in the BCS championship and I think everyone should slow down and enjoy the ride. They have the talent to win out but they also have that little thing called opponents. Iowa State and Oklahoma State will show up and play hard. Anyone that thinks the Sooners are going to show up and play like Nebraska just isn't awake. I will not leave out Missouri playing in the KC Chiefs home field as a real fan's game. But, with that all said the Hawks will also show up and play hard so anything is possible.
Now to my favorite subject, roundball and hoops. It never ceases to amaze me that the Hawks can year after year load up with incredible talent. Just when you think they are going to have a senior class graduate and take all the good guys with them they recruit raw talent and build powerhouse teams. They lost only one player from last years starting team and recruited a bunch of kids that are going to play their way on the floor. Probably one player that can play either big guard or small forward, Brandon Rush, is nursing a sore knee. I hope he can stay off it and get it healed before the desire to step in just overwhelms him. He played hurt all last year and he needed to play. This year there is enough talent that he won't be too worn out by year's end. If you doubt the Hawks, there is a Big 12 Championship banner that has 7 of the 12 years the Big 12 has been around. Now, if they only had a basketball arena with some parking.
Barb is finally, and formally a Master Gardner. She completed classes through our county extension agent's office and is just waiting for the dirt to that out next spring to bring the prairie to bloom. My hope is that she can focus on Kansas wildflowers but I know they will have her do a pretty flower (Needs lots of water) garden or two to build up some of the volunteer hours she needs to prove she is worthy of the new title. Oh well, she has become the Master Gardener her at Rabbit Run and I will remain the head laborer.

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