This is just an experiment to see if I can describe some of the types of personalities. I know, that many of you will jump to the conclusion that I am describing you. Wait till the end and see if you can describe yourself. There is just no way that I can absolutely label anyone with 100% accuracy anyway. Here goes.
  • Controlling vs creative. There seems to be a personality type that just can control facts, numbers and things very well. The opposite of this is those that are creative and inventive. (These guys have to develop a system to be able to find their keys on successive days) There are a lot of crossovers on this and I know that there are a lot of the controlling people that can decorate a pretty cake.
  • Open and closed. This is the old extrovert and introvert discussion. Don't attribute good or bad things to this. Extroverts would rather work with as group to solve a problem and introverts would rather take it home and study it in private. Sometimes the introvert doesn't have all the facts and sometime the extrovert build a camel when a horse is needed. Most people would rather stand outside in a hail storm than give a public speech and the true extrovert just lives for that moment.
  • Sad and Happy. I am not sure where this actually fits but there are people that you meet that just seem to have a smile on their face no matter what. Then, there are those people that always look for the sky to fall no matter what. There are those sad few that need medication to control this but most people have both. One of the nicest descriptions was made this weekend about Col Mike O'Toole who was killed in a private plane crash. Someone said that if you said "Mike O'Toole" and you didn't immediately have a mental image of someone with a smile on his face, you just didn't know him. I hope the same can be said of me later (a lot later)
  • Facts and Fluff. Some people don't believe anything unless it can be empirically defined with facts. There are others that look for the clouds and arrows in the drawing to help build the entire picture. I'll bet the new computer age is driving some people completely bonkers. You can not trust anything from a picture to a recording today. On the other hand, you can make some spectacular things that just blows the old stuff away. Is music done by a machine any better or worse that that man written and played? Is one of the computer enhanced pictures taken with a digital better or worse than an an Ansel Adams black and white?
  • Change vs conservative. There are people that think that nothing should ever change and the old ways are the best. There are people out there changing things faster than they can document what the hell they want. I know people that won't shop at a WalMart because it is new and different and I shop there because of the cheaper prices. I do think that change should be controlled somewhat and that if a slow and steady change is made things generally get better. Every once in a while I listen to the conservatives and they just rail at the liberals. I think that I don't want to throw out the bathwater with the baby but every once in a while you need to look in the tub for stray turds.
  • Mechanics vs Technologists. There are some people out there that just love to have a tool box and fix old things. We are amazed when something is made that is just not repairable. We all know that there are things that we just throw away when they break and things that only Kenny can fix. If you don't know, Ken is my bud and if he can't fix something, throw it away. On the other hand, Dave doesn't have the time and tools to fix my old truck but he can wire up about and electrical component and make it work great. As I get older I find myself absolutely overwhelmed by the new changes in technology and I am less physically able to bend over the fender of the truck to work on the engine as I age. I am sometimes not sure of the differences between a Mega-bite and a Giga-bite and just think the whole thing bites the big one.
  • Frontiersman vs Settlers. We all know there are people that never seem to settle down and move about as often as the years change. There is also the other group that it takes a major fire or disaster to get them to get more than a half a tank of gas away from home. Somewhere in the middle there is those that have a controlled adventure plan but enjoy a thrilling ride now and then.
  • Planners, plodders and the grasshoppers. We all know the grasshopper story where the ant has to feed the poor grasshopper in the winter because he didn't take care of business during good weather. There is also the turtle that takes his house with him everywhere he goes to have a secure place each night. There is the planner in the middle that takes just enough with him to get there and makes sure there will be enough when he-or she returns to get by for a while.
  • Caller ID vs answer the phone. There are people that screen their phone calls by looking at the Caller ID. There are others that just answer the phone and see every new call as another adventure. In some houses there is only one of the many phones that has a caller ID and some that have an answering machine to just hear what is said after the call.
I'll bet you thought this was going to be a different look. I was trying to see if there is some different ways to look at personalities. Did you see anything in there that fit?

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  1. I see a little bit of most of those things in myself, though some tendencies are stronger than others. I find most people are like that. You just can't stick one label on a person and think you've got them all figured out. People are much more complex than that.

    Thanks for the tips on sending that pumpkin bread! I think I'll save myself some time and save Sully from a possible stomach ache:o)