Something about me you didn't know!

I am a college wrestling fan. I wouldn't walk across the street to see the WWE or any pro wrestling match but I may give up a KU basketball game to watch Fort Hays put on a dual match here in Topeka. Notice I said I might, not that I would.
My love of wrestling goes back to a classmate in Officer Candidate School, Don Carder. He was a wrestler at OSU and got kicked out of school when he was caught in the girls dorm way after the curfew. He was drafted into the Army and was selected for OCS and assigned to the same squad I was. We had many long talks about his college career. I think some of the talks may have been longer than his career. We both went to Fort Irwin when we graduated and he showed me some of his moves after a few too many beers one night. I had a pair of shorts that were too tight and when I finished my spirits and the shorts were both split right down the middle. Don was one fast and strong guy and even with the 30 lbs I had on him could make short work out of me.
It was ironic that Don managed to make the Olympic wrestling team and lost to the same guy there he lost to in the State of Oklahoma final. Dan Grable that went on to be the head coach at Iowa. My friend went to the games (and not Vietnam) as an alternate and assistant coach. The irony of all this was that he was killed in Ponca City, Oklahoma while riding a motorcycle. Stupid, stupid, stupid! He had married and had a three month old daughter.
On a lighter note, I saw in a Nebraska Furniture Mart ad a leather recliner, rocker with a built in massager and one arm that could act as a cooler to hold 4 beverages. What you say, no built in porta potty and remote control holder?
The hawks round ballers play tonight and tomorrow night the football team plays OSU. Should be a good weekend to be a sports fan. Win or lose, they are a bunch of kids playing a sport and should give us a couple of good games. The giggle of the day was the headline on the sports page that says, "KU Fans embrace Mangino". I don't know if you have seen him on the sidelines but it would take two of me to get my arms around him. The T-shirts say "Our Coach beat Anorexia", "Our coach could eat your coach" and "Our coach is PHAT!" I just hope that his heart holds out long enough for this team to play up to their potential without killing him.
Better run. MUD

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