Marine Corps Birthday & Veteran's Day

Today, 10 November is the birthday of the US Marine Corps. The US Army is very happy there is a Marine Corps because if it were not for them, we would be stuck out there on those ships and have to make amphibious landings. We love to have the job of meeting and greeting the enemy at the forward edge of the battle area so long as it is on dry land. Here are a few of my Marine jokes that I tell in jest to Marines:
  • There was a Marine and a Sailor in a bath room. After peeing, the Marine starts out the door. The Sailor said, "Hey, didn't they tell you to wash your hands?" The Marine replied, "Nah, they taught us not to pee on our fingers."
  • There was a Chief Petty Officer outside the Marine Recruit station near San Diego (They call those trained there, Hollywood Marines because real Marines train at Camp Le June) The Chief was up on top of a dumpster jumping up and down and hollering "FOUR!". A new Marine came out the gate and said, "Uh Chief, why are you jumping up and down like that?" The Sailor replied, " I have stress and this is the way I get rid of my stress". The Marine said, "Uh Chief, I have a DI that just hates me and I'm so stressed that I almost can't sleep." The chief invited the Marine to get up on top of the dumpster. The Marine jumped up and hollered, "4".(Being a Marine he probably couldn't spell Four) The Chief said , No son, you have to jump as high as you can and really holler FOUR!" The Marine said, "OK Chief". As the marine jumped up, the chief threw back the lid and the Marine landed inside. The Chief then Jumped up and down on the lid and hollered, "FIVE!".
  • The Army has a saying, "You can Always Tell a Marine! You can't tell them very much but you can always tell 'em.
The Marine Corps tradition is to have a dance and to cut a cake. The first piece goes to the oldest Marine and the second piece goes to the youngest Marine there. I encourage you all to have a piece of cake today and remember that only on their birthday are they ever handed a "Piece of Cake". They are almost always handed the toughest and hardest jobs to do and they pride themselves in doing their best. Semper Fi!

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  1. Nice post MUD. I'll have to show it to my resident Jarhead. He was up early to hoist the colors on our own flagpole. Snapped a pic and posted it a few minutes ago. Thank you for your service to our Great country and your efforts to keep us free and our freedoms alive.