Bronze Star Medal for Dad

There is a little known provision that allows soldiers that earned the Combat Infantry Man's badge in WWII to be awarded the Bronze Star. It seems like forever ago I submitted my Father-in-law for the award. I hear that it is finally, after at least a year and a re-submission of all the paper work, the medal is en route. It is a fitting tribute that he should be awarded the medal after his bravery as his unit chased the Germans up through Italy. He was on the ground in Italy prior to D-Day's landing through the end of the war.

In my humble opinion the Bronze Star Medal is one of the best looking medals. It was the first medal presented to me during Vietnam and one I wear proudly. Perhaps the next time I am in Idaho I'll help Mom put together an awards case for Dad. I know she has a uniform jacket to pin the medal on.

Lots to do and a few days to get them done.. See ya later.



  1. I have always thought the Bronze Star was the way a medal was supposed to look. Purple Heart? Not so much.

  2. That's beautiful MUD. Congrats to your Dad...God I love you military guys. Seriously.

  3. The one medal I have never coveted is the Purple Heart. I got shot at a lot and mortered a lot and didn't get hit. One day I was with 11 people, all of which got the purple heart and I didn't get a scratch. I did get the Army Commendation Medal with the "V" device. MUD

  4. And MUD, it is not very attractive, either.