In About a Week

Barb has finally given in to my wonder lust and agreed to travel to Europe (Spain) and down into Morocco. We will fly into Madrid and then on into Morocco where we will get a chance to visit with our friends Gerald and Julie. They are the parents of two cute and nice little girls that seem to like us. They are almost our Grand children but mostly because their parents are our friends too. I'm sure that I will have lots of strange pictures to post when we get back. I probably won't take the computer so I doubt that we will do much posting while we are gone.

The rain here in the Heartland has slowed down a little. We have had only about one inch of rain this week and is it ever green out there. I have places that need attention and the places I mowed early this week are pretty ragged and need it again. I'm pretty sure that we will return to a jungle and have to spend a couple of days on the mower.

In case you are wondering about the pictures on the post from yesterday, I really haven't gone completely around the bend, only my weird sense of humor leaks out now and then. Things are so crazy out there that one of my blog buddies talks about wearing aluminum foil to protect him from the crazy thoughts. Another guy wrote about duct tape so what better thing to combine than an aluminum foil hat held to my bike helmet with duct tape.

Better get on with the day. have a great weekend.



  1. I for one can't wait to see pictures from your trip! Are you taking your tin foil helmet? heh heh!

  2. That's a little dream trip I hope to take someday, too.

    BTW, the Wichita Art Museum is located on the river near Botanica, The Indian Center, and Old Cow Town.