I cried as I watched


  1. Dennis, I didn't cry, but I coulda! Man, that was beautiful.

    I ran across Adkins once. He's a Louisiana boy like myself...grew up not far from me in the little town of Springhill, LA. Actually I think he was born in Sarepta...close to where my Daddy was born in Castor.

    Tiny towns can sure turn out some good folks. But the best ones were behind him. God bless and keep them all! And God bless you for posting this.


  2. Well, crap. That was beautiful. And I don't know if I can ever listen to it again. I just don't know if I can. Music can be so soothing and healing much of the time. Then there are some things I can know and carry in my heart but can't bear to hear a song about. Music makes the feeling too powerful to bear. But it is a beautiful song and a beautiful sentiment. I think peace is something we should all pray for and work toward.

  3. Jenni, with a son in the Corps, I can understand how that is something you don't want to see over and over. I don't think people understand that the guys that want peace the most are the guys that help keep our freedoms. Until you have been seriously shot at by professionals you can talk the talk, but walking that walk is a lot more understood by those of us that carried a 60 lb ruck and a rifle. God Bless your Marine and all those men and women out there keeping our country free.
    MUD, COL (Ret)