TrySomething Different

On a trip to Wal*Mart, I was looking for a package of wild rice to make my grilled chicken/wild rice salad. On the rice aisle, they had "Lundberg Wild Blend" of wild rice and whole grain brown rice. It is wonderful as a change to potatoes or pasta with cooked chicken.

I cooked the chicken in a separate pan with a little oil, some soy sauce, salt & pepper. I cooked the wild rice blend with a little butter, about a teaspoon of chicken bouillon, and salt and pepper. The package of rice needs two cups of water for each cup of rice and the package holds two cups of rice. It takes a good 50 minutes to cook the wild rice so don't hurry to cook the chicken. In fact, I actually made the chicken and then put the chicken on top of the rice for the last 10 minutes to keep the chicken warm.

I served microwaved California blend vegetables that I under cook a little. I love it when my vegs have a little crunch left in them.

Good Eating.


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