Sunday Morning


Other than me the only thing up and running here at Rabbit Run is that stupid little pair of squirrels. I don't think they spend much time in their old nest anymore because Mom has a new litter she is feeding. So at first until last light I hear the pitter patter of little squirrel feet on the roof, the deck and moving through the garden south of the house. I saw one jump on a dove and when the dove flew up he did a back flip and ran away.

For the longest time I have been meaning to make pictures of the house for the insurance company. Finally yesterday I did. It is always fun to see how may home made touches we have in our house. Barb and her family are very talented and there are many things that are a one of a kind thing here. Probably one of my favorite and one I touch almost every time I go down the steps is the metal KU Jay Hawk made by Ken. I wish I could own a metals shop just to see what he will make next. He has made many brass things and one titanium coffee cup. It gets way too hot to drink coffee out of on a regular basis but it is about the best looking cup in town.

This morning I get to play plumber. For some reason after 20 years I have to fix a toilet lid and snake out a drain in the downstairs bathroom. I will wait until the hardware store opens up and then make a parts run. Will fix breakfast and then go.

Better stop here and get the paper. A good cup of coffee and the morning paper rocks.


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  1. Kill it! Kill it! Kill the 'possum! Nasty, nasty creatures with hideous grins.