The question I have for today is Justice as it is carried out in today's world Fair?

Where should the trial of the US Soldier that is accused of killing an Iraqi family and raping a 14 year old girl be held. First option is in the US and not in a Military court as he is no longer a soldier. The second option is in the US in a Military Court (Recall him to Active Duty) and the last option is in a court in Iraq. There are Status of Forces Agreements that in most cases preclude the last option. He is currently being tried in a civilian court.
OK, if that is easy, here's a tough one. An Air Force truck driver in Japan is driving his Military Vehicle and doing his Military job and for some reason a persons steps or is pushed off the sidewalk in front of his truck. Where do you hold that trial? Military Court or Civilian court? No so easy this time... The correct answer is that what is the SOFA agreement with Japan now that we are not in a War Time. (I don't know the current agreement but I would say Military Court.

Take that same airman and now he is off duty and he goes to a local store and robs it. Where should he be tried?

I guess that as I have said in the past, Fair sometimes ain't fair. There are many of us that feel mercy should always prevail and those that feel justice should prevail. In many cases both can't and mostly don't. As Sully rightfully pointed out on a comment, "It depends on how the arguement about is, is decided as it is debated". Dang, I hate it when that happens.



  1. We live in an unfair world. With mostly corrupt systems. We do what the law says to the best of our ability. It sucks. And that first soldier? Not sure I really care, given his actions. Sorry.

  2. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Air Force truck driver shouldn't be charged with any crime, it was an accident. or if the victum was pushed the pusher might be charged if found.

  3. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Airman that robs a store, in local civilian court.

  4. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Soldier accused of murder and rape, military trial by recall if necessary.

  5. Tough Questions, not easy answers. I should have added that the Airman was serving in Japan and committed the robbery. Same answer to me but hey, what do you think?
    By the way, If that soldier did what he is acused of, Flea and I are more alike than different. It matters little for him where the system finds justice, so long as it does. Who ever Anonymous is, gane mostly my answers but Hey, I have been in the Military. MUD

  6. For the most part the Airman truck driver should have a jury try him and find him innocent so later on there is no question and double jeopardy can't apply. MUD