Not My Cuppa'

Not My Cuppa' tea
Just this morning Barb said something about the 50 degree temperature outside was just not her Cup of Tea. I thought it was an interesting way to compare things so I thought a few positive things and negative things were in order.

My Cup of Tea:

  • Coffee. Black hot and full of caffeine. Unless it is after noon and then it keeps me awake when I need a nap.
  • A good Lawn mower. At least a 40 inch cut and electric start.
  • A chat with a good friend. Oh for an hour or two with my friend Ken or Harvey. Both guys are the cure for, "Oh poor Me".
  • A few minutes of watching the stupid young squirrels try to get into the feeders. We have a new Tube feeder full of peanuts and he will hang and swing to nibble off a little peanut. I'll bet he spends more time trying to get a free meal than if he were out really working hard to find nuts that are still edible. There is a set of second year squirrels and their mother that come to visit. I can tell that she is nursing a new set of babies but she still takes time out to scold the guys when they invade her space.
  • Seeing Jenn at the Lake with her rowers. She never has enough time to talk but it is such a treat to hear her put on her First Sergeant's voice and bark orders. "OK you Juniors, go help get that Quad out of the water. You are in it next so hustle". I couldn't do it better.
  • Helping a good friend do something good for the community. My Buddy, Joe, runs a Taco joint here in Topeka. El Gringo is one of my favorite places to eat. Yesterday the shopping Center had a special where you could get a free biscuit and gravy from 8 to 10 AM. I put on my El Gringo shirt and hat and helped for a couple of hours. Got to see more cute kids and put smiles on many faces. I'm sure it surprised them when as soon as the crowd slowed down I got a broom and swept the floor. I am as big a nut about clean places to eat as Joe is. For the record his taco plate with beans and rice is as good as it gets in Topeka. His hot sauce is just right for me. Not too hot and hot enough to let your tongue know it has been somewhere warm.
  • Shrimp

Not My Cuppa

  • Stupid angry people. While I enjoy a good rant in a blog, I hate it when stupid people rail at things they don't know a damn thing about. I really hate it when people say things that deep down no one believes. We have a group that carries signs that has all sorts of stupid sayings "God Hates......." Fill in the blank for their latest hate. Instead of a sign that says, "Do X and you will burn in hell" (quote some cite in the bible here). They put stick figures of a buddy bending another buddy over and parade the signs all over. Most of the time the signs are carried by kids that should not know what the hell the sign means.
  • Hot Tea. I love a good cold tea on a hot day but hot tea is just not normally my drink of choice. Oh Sure, I'll order a pot of tea at the Chinese restaurant when Barb is along but I have been known to drink Iced Tea even on Zero Degree days. But hold the sugar even in iced tea. Carbonated soft drinks are kind of OK but , "Sweet tea?"
  • Places that advertise one thing and deliver another. If you know that you only have a limited quantity of something, say so in your ad. When I rent a car on line, I fully expect you to deliver that car when I get there. Don't offer me a Mustang and give me a PT cruiser. Normally I try to rent the kind of car I want to drive to see what the different cars are. The last time I rented they had a "Whatever" choice for a couple of bucks cheaper. I got to choose between three different kinds of cars. OK, I drove that damn Mustang. (It really was a nice car)
  • Putting off something that needs done because Today's Sunday. Why in the word would I wait to mow until tomorrow? Mondays and Sundays are a lot alike here at Rabbit Run.
  • Mowing in 50 degree weather. Barb and I are alike in some things. Different but similar, No, mostly different but simpatico. Hum, we are growing old together. Lets leave it at that.
  • Ditch Crickets. Pinch their tails and suck their heads. I love a crawfish boil if they use shrimp.

Have a great day out there.



  1. You had me all reeled in, UNTIL the blasphemy at the very end.

    Ditch crickets are the bee's knees, buddy.

  2. The other day one of the food programs had a crawfish boil as the center event and made it into a great big hassle. Not near enough beer and fun. He described sucking the thorax kind of like eating french hot foigras (Shit, duck liver) I think the last crawfish I had did not have them rinsed enough so they tasted dirty. I'll try them one more time and see. Here in the midwest shrimp is about the same price. MUD

  3. The heads are okay, but the tails are awesome. They are a lot of work, but worth it to me.

    I am losing my taste for shrimp as I get older. Weird.