Monday, Monday, Ta Da, da da da duh!

The Mommas and the Papas song Monday, Monday always greets my mind as I sit down to the computer and figure our what the heck day it is. Here at Rabbit Run, the Sunday to Saturday days all seem a lot alike. Other than the days of the week title, (and a good song thrown in) time marches on. The difference here in the early spring and summer is the mowing. I spent about 6 hours riding in circles and didn't get it all finished. What should have been a quick three hours is a drudge because the speed is degraded by the depth of the grass. Even when I finish it looks like crap and needs trimmed up.

Oh well, Dave is going to get on the mower at is house today ad finish up there. I will probably spend a couple of hours here trimming and a little time there mowing under his cedar trees. I will probably also load up the sprayer and make sure those darned bag worms don't get a big foot hold again. They almost killed a couple of his trees before I got them killed.

We met one of the friends of our 'nother daughter Mel on Sunday. He lost almost 200 lbs and discovered a lump In his chest muscle. Had he not lost the weight the lump would have gone unnoticed and it might have killed him. It is kind of a bummer to get in good shape and find that he needs bi-weekly chemo for cancer. I guess some times good things happen and some time the bear gets you. We had a roast done in the crock pot with some carrots and potatoes. Good food and good times.

Somehow a very small rock caused me to turn an ankle the other day and now it is sore as heck. At the time it didn't seem like anything. Now it really hurts when I go up and down the stairs.

Quit complaining stupid and deal with it.

The Newspaper finally published Barb's editorial about the school board. I am hoping she will write me an article for tomorrow. We'll see.


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