Drop Dead Dumb Saturday Headlines

Normally when I read the Saturday paper I find a snitch or two of intelligent life out there and generally I have faith that not everyone has gone brain dead. Not so much today. Here is a few of the articles that caught my attention:

- A father in California was arrested for holding his 7 year old son down as a gang tattoo was applied to his son's butt. It was a dog paw print that signified the bulldog gang. This is my vote for reason to appeal the cruel and unusual punishment ban. This guy should have stupid and mean tattooed on his forehead.

- Yesterday they found the bodies of the last two of three people that tried to swim across the Colorado river a while back. In addition to being one wild and muddy river, the water is way too cold to even want to get into even in the summer. The three men jumped into the river and it took three days to find one body and the other two about a month. I'll bet the families will want to sue the State of Colorado for not posting warning signs.

- In Florida three guards were fired and two resigned after their kids were tazered during "Take our son's and Daughters to work day".(Note this weapon is spelled tazer and taser depending on the manufacturer) If this headline wasn't bad enough, the article said that it happened in not just one but two different Florida prisons. Here, hold hands and see if the current will pass through all of you. Another case for the appeal of cruel and unusual punishment ban to be lifted. Number one, what the hell could anyone be thinking for allowing children to be allowed into the prison for any reason and then in not one, but two locations they got tazered.

- As if all the stupid articles were enough, the following article to the kids being tazered case, there was a report that someone reported a cougar in a drain pipe near Detroit and the cops tazered the cat. It was a stuffed cat stupids, it wasn't real. The fact that they couldn't tell a stuffed cat from a real one was overshadowed by the fact that it was so dumb that it actually made it into the newspaper.

OOPS, Waymond Tisdale didn't do what I credited him with. I have been informed that Stacey King was the culprit. rip Waymond....

Now that you have been filled in on the stupidity of today's news, I hope you feel refreshed that your day couldn't possibly be as stupid. Go out there and act like it.



  1. Well I feel better about my own conduct now. Thank you.

  2. Yes, I do shake my head a lot when I read the papers. How can people be so stupid? No, don't answer that.

  3. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Actually, Dennis, I think that was Stacey King with the bird incident and not Wayman Tisdale. Tisdale was gone before the 1988 team and already in the NBA. Tisdale was a class act.

    See you soon on our side of the Atlantic . . .
    --- Gerald

  4. Gerald is correct, I was wrong... Crap I hate it when that happens. MUD