Newest Hat Styles

Living in Topeka where we had the State Hospital, Menningers, The VA Psych ward and more Psychiatrists, it is not unusual to see people wearing stupid things. The question of the day is? How do you protect yourself from the stupidity happening around you when you are riding your bike? Aluminum foil and Duct tape.

A really good fixture in this set up is the helmet comes with a mirror so you can see them when they are sneaking up on you from behind.
This is dedicated to two Dogs an his search for things to laugh at. I may not be crazy but I know where it lives.


  1. Way to go, MUD. Now the aliens can't probe your mind. I like your new fashion accessory.

  2. Hey MUD! Nyuk...I just read your comment and came visiting. May I please use those photos on my "big blockbuster Duct Tape post" coming up?

    We don't have no model release forms yet, but the word of an Officer will do...

  3. Hey Andy, You can use anything I post. This was done for fun and I hope you can use it for nyuks on your blog. MUD

  4. Brilliant MUD... I use the same headgear when I visit my sister.

  5. Man, you are an expert craftsman! I never can get used to the mirrors though. For some reason, I prefer the surprise and then the subsequent reactions to the surprises.

    By the way, the FACE GARDEN is coming along quite nicely.