Cinco de Mayo

funny pictures of dogs with captions
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I love it that they have the above pictures under Mexican Hats for those of us that can't remember Sombrero

If they don't want it pronounced May-o, why do they spell it that way? Shouldn't it be spelled Myo? Oh well, have it their way. Whatever way you spell it, try to eat some beans and a taco or two and have some fun today.

It has dried out enough to get the mowers out and do some whacking of the tall grass. I am not sure I would call it mowing because there is so much grass that it bogs down in the mower and really looks bad when you finish mowing. I did manage to get out and spend a few hours outside doing some other projects also. Managed to bait enough mouse traps to catch that pesky mouse that ate a hole in the cat food container. He was a tricky rascal and had licked the peanut butter off most of the traps but the last one got him smack in the head and it only takes once.

We are about two weeks from our trip to Europe and then to Africa. I love the way it sounds, only really we are flying to Spain and then on to Morocco the next day. We have some good friends in Morocco and can't wait to hear the giggle of their girls. They told us that we should bring some toilet paper. Is it a trick after my Cottonelle story? It isn't important, I probably won't remember it anyway.

Yesterday, Dave was mowing at his house and ran out of gas. he came down to borrow a can and I was not aware of his visit. He called and asked if he was really not to use the blue gas. I keep at least a gallon can full of gas/oil mixture for the chain saw and the weed whacker. At least he did know enough to ask. I can't imagine how much smoke the mower would make it it tried to run on the gas/oil like a chain saw. I'm sure it would at least start but I'm not sure how long it would run. Would cure the mosquito problems up there at his house.

Barb and I planted a row of wild flowers here at Rabbit Run and a patch at Dave's. Should be interesting to see what grows. Barb said the seeds were all last year's crop so they should be viable for the most part. I guess it is more a product of how many seeds don't get eaten by the field mice. This time of year I'll bet they are hungry with all the nesting and raising of families going on.

Better get on with the projects for the day. Will be a warm day with rain predicted for tonight.

Have a great one.


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