Cool Day

It has started a little cool today as a cold front went through last evening. I got all the mowing done yesterday and even managed to get a little sun burn. It didn't rain here at Rabbit Run and most of the storms normally associated with a cold front went well south of here. After dinner we went outside and the air was really cool, dry and nice.

Had the kids over last night for Fajitas. Those wonderful tortillas filled with great grilled meats and other things are just what the Doctor ordered. I have a little rice, vegetables and chicken left over for a chicken fried rice dinner tonight. Those wonderful Vidiala onions are in the stores and one all sliced up and fried with some butter made a wonderful addition to the fajitas. The kids don't like the peppers like I do so for once I left them out of the meal. I had some re fried beans as an addition so everything was fine.

The other day, I was flipping through the TV channels and there was a program on HGTV about rocks. I went upstairs and sure enough, Barb was watching that same program. Yes, we went out and looked for rocks to put in her gardens. Most of the rocks here are the red glacial rocks that came down from Minnesota during the ice age. They are from 300 to 700 lbs and not easy to get from one place to another. I'll try but no promises.

Better get on with my day. have a great one out there.


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  1. My Hunny made fajitas on Mother's Day. His signature dish. But we all love the peppers. :)