What Has Happened to Free Speech?

As you know if you read this blog is that I support Free Speech. I have a special dislike for stupid speech but because it is protected, I support their right to say it. I am concerned that the current administration is moving to start down the slippery slope of not allowing Free Speech because it critical of what they are doing.

Hell yes, soldiers returning from the War are unhappy if they can't find work. I would think they would use their GI Bill money and go to school like a bunch of us Vietnam Vets did but hey, it is their life. To claim they are any more prone to do stupid things with their training than any other group of trained soldiers is just not fair. I'm sure there might be a Tim McVeigh every once in a while but that was an aberration not a rule.

The People that feel they have been Taxed Enough Already have the right to shout at everybody in Congress and no one party can thump their chest that they have tried to protect us from new taxes. It isn't a Republican effort, it isn't a conservative effort, it is a taxpayer effort to tell the congress that they are expressing their right to let the Government know they are pissed off that no one is acting like they give a damn about the guy that is paying the taxes.

Those guys standing on the border and yelling, "There goes another one." are trying to get the attention of our Government that we are being invaded and those invaders are bringing drugs, gangs and sending money home that should stay here in the US. I love my brown brothers, I just wish there weren't so many of them here illegally. You should see the smile on my face when I eat the food at the Fiesta here in Topeka. I know that a lot of their sales money is going to their schools and their kids will be better for it.

Is anyone else as tired of hearing about Edwards affair? He is a spoiled rich kid living in a 23,000 square foot house and anyone thinks he represents the values of the majority of us? Now the wife is saying that he was seduced and it is all the girl friends fault. Bull Shit lady, if he was any kind of a man he could tell the girl that he is married and walk away. I have had a friend that was a lady, but unlike a well known ex President, "I Didn't have sex with that woman." I believe that my wife deserves better from me. Just because I took my wedding vows in Las Vegas Nevada doesn't mean that I didn't mean them.

Oh well, going to go do some volunteer work today. I will spend a couple of hours talking to State employees about food and health related matters.



  1. Dang, MUD, we said almost the same things with almost the same words today regarding speech. Check out HR 1966 if you want a big freaking scare regarding your Free Speech right, though.

    And yes, John Edwards (and his wife) needs desperately to fade into the background. The fact that Edward's wife is now defending Edwards by saying that he is stupid IS funny. Yes, being seduced makes you stupid if you are married. Just saying.

  2. Good gawd, Woman! There is a difference between not bad mouthing your sleezy ass cheating husband to your kids and helping him make excuses for being such an ass. I thought Elizabeth Edwards was smarter than that. And while I believe even jerks deserve a second chance, I don't believe they should get one if they aren't willing to admit they were wrong in the first place and would rather pin all the blame on someone else. It takes two to tango.

    I can't really blame those Mexicans for wanting to come here and make a better life for themselves and their families. What we should do about it is another matter, and I don't have the answer there.

    The first part of this post helps me understand the next one. (Gotta stop reading in reverse order.) There are bound to be a few bad apples in every bushel. It's ignorant to blame evil actions on the group you want to lump someone into. No matter what your background or experiences, everyone has a choice in how they lead their lives. It's all about what you allow to go on between your ears as that will eventually spill over into your actions and your entire life. It always amazes me how you can take two people with almost identical experiences--sometimes even growing up in the same house--and they will do entirely different things with their lives. One will allow the past to destroy them and others around them and another will refuse to let their past ruin the rest of their life and fight to make the future something better. It's all about choice and what you want to make of yourself.

  3. Free speech took a strange turn when there was a question about what the meaning of "is" is...

    How the meaning of a simple verb can even be considered a topic for debate is just beyond my ability to understand...