Lie or poor Memory?

About three blogs back, I said, "What events do you remember in your life that sparks vivid memories? Remember that the facts of the events are filtered through your perceptions and recalled from your memories so they might not match exactly the event as the world recalls them."

So, is Nancy Pelosi Galore telling lies or just telling things as she remembers them?

Your call but I have my opinion. Look out for the bus Nancy.



  1. I gotta go with politically expedient memory. Cheney wants the briefings declassified and the White House said no. Looks like the bus is on hold ... for now.

  2. MUD, I really think that Nanny P may not even think that she is lying. You know, when lying becomes a way of life to you (like living the lie of liberalism), the line's not just blurry...it flat don't exist.

    These people don't think like us. Their brains have been twisted to a place of dementia...kinda like "permanent" temporary insanity.

  3. Of course she's lying, but I'm sure, like Andy said, she's become so used to it that it's second nature and requires no thought. She may know she's lying but she probably thinks she is doing it for The Greater Good. What she may or may not realize is that "The Greater Good" is only what is immediately good for her and her political career and no one else.

    I have to ask, though, who is stupid enough to take pictures of torture? Unless they wanted it exposed, which I'm not understanding to be the case. (I haven't been listening that closely though.) Josh and I were listening to NPR on the way home from school the other day, and this was his question, too. He did an entire comedy routine based on it. I wish I could have video taped that to share. It went something like this:
    "Hey, remember that time we tortured those terrorists and put the pictures on MySpace?"
    "Yeah! Good times!"
    "Remember, you were all like, 'Look at me, I'm breaking the Geneva Convention! Smile for the camera you terrorist piece of crap!'"
    It went on, and he really made it sound much funnier. Although it's not a funny situation at all, sometimes you just gotta laugh anyway.

    I'm just glad Obama decided not to publish the photos. It wouldn't help and would only put our troops (and perhaps civilians) in greater danger. Let them have the thousand words version of the events. A photograph carries too much emotion with it sometimes. I do believe we need to clean up our act, but what's done is done and those who stand to be hurt by the release of those photos most likely didn't do it. I just hope Obama can stick to his decision in the face of all this criticism he's getting.

  4. The President is in a no win situation over this one. If he releases the photos, he puts our servicemembers in jeopardy. If he doesn't, his moonbeam crazy followers will shout mean things at him. Yes, I am not sure why anyone would take photos of themselves doing stuipd and illegal things. But, remember "Jackass the movie made a lot of money. Stupid is as Nancy Pelosi galore does. MUD

  5. MUD, your comment here, Stupid is as Nancy Pelosi galore does says it all. I about rolled on the floor.

    I CANNOT SEE how anyone can really trust this administration.