Medal of Honor

I served for 30 + years in the Military and have witnessed many events that were decorated. Most were pretty well deserved and a few were just awarded. I for one would not wear a medal or ribbon for that award if I didn't feel I had deserved it.

The Medal of Honor is awarded to the recipient for actions that clearly were above and beyond and saved the lives of others. Most of the recipients will tell you that afterwards, they acted in the way they were trained and did not think about consequences, their future, or their family. They acted to save the lives of the men and women they were serving with. I find it hard to believe that every day there are not service members whose actions are worthy of the award.

Two Kansas National Guardsmen serving in Iraq were assigned convoy duty and they drove their vehicle in the path of a suspected car bomber as he approached the convoy. The driver exploded the car bomb and killed the driver and the NCOIC. These guys were Artillerymen working in a job they weren't trained for and yet they did exactly what most of us would do. It cost them their lives and saved the lives of others in the convoy. Medal of Honor? Nope, someone said they were just doing their job. How could Audie Murphy get the medal for shooting at the enemy from a disabled tank as an Infantry Officer and these guys not be qualified.

I asked Barb how she would feel about being one of the soldiers saved by someone else? She said Surviving ain't bad and she could get behind that. I guess it is all in your perspective. This is the 4th of July weekend and I hope you all listen to the sound of Freedom today and be glad we have the time, money and life to appreciate all we have.


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  1. Thank you MUD,

    I agree with you. They should get the MOH. Maybe they will down the road.

    Have a great 4'th -Sully