Back in the day that I had a real job, I tried to keep a "To Do" list. Now that we have retired, that has devolved to an agenda. Barb will ask, "What's on your agenda today?" I think that a lot of times she is fishing to see if I have any purpose on the day and sometimes I think she is going to share with me some task she wants me to do. Sometimes it's both. Today is probably going to be spent organizing for the trip and packing. There is no end of things we want/need to take. Between the computers and the cameras, there is nearly a trunk full of stuff. One of these days (when Pigs Fly) I will figure out what's right and wrong in this world. Just when I think that Barb and I couldn't agree on sunshine she tells me about an article in the paper we agree on. I am convinced that there is a lot of government that is imposed on us to protect our rights. Well, no, to protect other people's rights and ours get trampled in the process. Political Correctness be damned, it if isn't illegal, don't impose your opinion on me to keep someone else's nose unbent. For the record, I think the Westborough Baptist Church is a bunch of jerks but don't think that for a minute I want any of their rights damaged to keep me from seeing their signs. Freedom of assembly, freedom of free speech and freedom of religion could all be trampled to shut them the hell up. The law of unintended consequences could lead us all to a Government that not only thinks they are right, they have the might to back it up. Slippery slope stuff. The other day, Barb pointed out that a squirrel was as high up in the tree as he could get eating the new leaves as they emerge. Things here are just starting to go green and soon the leaves will be out in full swing. This morning it was almost 65 degrees with a strong southerly wind. Notice I didn't say breeze. Anything over 10 MPH is a wind bucko. Tomorrow will be cooler that it started out this morning. They are predicting wind, rain and the possibility of hail. Oh well... In today's paper there is a kid with a 51 Ford Custom Coupe he is trying to fix up before he gets married this spring. He said he has owned 11 or 12 cars so far (he is 25). He probably won't own too many more. The family hot rod will be traded in on a 4 door sedan and then a minivan and he will be reduced to driving a beater to work. Most of my adult life I have had a Guard Check once a month to soften the budget blows put on with marriage. Barb got the paycheck to keep us roofed and fed and I got to play with the Guard Check. Most of the time it was used to buy our first wash machine and dryer but later on the 57 Chevy project did keep it damaged. It was nice to have a slush fund to eat out now and then and to finance trips and vacations. Barb always managed to use our paychecks for good reason and we have lived pretty well. Oh well, better run. I'll probably be on and off the net for a week or so. You can always reach me here in the comments or at dennbarbpetty@gmail.com. MUD

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