Now that I am older, I find that I can remember things I did as a boy but have trouble remembering all the cute sayings I hear on Dave Ramsey. During the course of his show I always hear one or two things I would love to share but by the time I get home and sit down at the computer I can't remember them as well as I would like. here are just a couple from today:

  • The end state of a dream and a goal may be the same place, but generally a goal infers a plan to get you to that end state. Winning the lottery might fix some short term problems but won't fix the problem that led you to buy Lottery Tickets in the first place.

  • The inference today was that winning a judgment or the lottery won't keep you out of financial problems, it will only delay getting to the root of the problem. Getting out of debt and staying that way is an end goal for us all.

Is anyone else as positive as I am that Donald Trump has convinced himself that he is Presidential material? Anyone that would stoop to have a fight with Rosie O'Donnell doesn't get the big picture. In my humble opinion, it is the congress that is the problem not the President. To get elected, they tell so many lies they don't have a firm handle on what is the ground truth is. To me, the ground truth is that everyone must share in the cost of Government. None of this 45% of the people pay no taxes. Everyone should pay a percentage of their check as a tax and close the loop holes. The Federal Government should not be able to spend more than they take in except in time of war. A balanced budget does not mean that we are able to pay the interest on the national Debt, it means that we are reducing that debt each year. I think Government should help people get an education and not give them things that keeps them tied to the Government. We can't buy everyone a house, buy their food and pay their medical bills. Some one has to be making a living and paying the bills.

Oh well, made a trip to the Dermatologist today. He froze some, cut some and I will hear more in a week or so when the biopsy is complete. I am now slathering SPF 30 when I go out on sunny days.



  1. Trump just might be our next president. The Office of the president is for sale, the highest bidder with the most money gets it. Votes no longer matter, they can be manupilated like we have seen in Florida. Oprah with her billions of dollars bought the Office for Obamba. Maybe Trump with his net worth in the low billions can purchase it for himself. Bush and Obama have done it, so Trump can do it too. (IMO)

  2. MUD, keep the sun screen on, it's easier than being whacked on by the dermatoligist!
    Good points about "The Donald", can you imagine that clown as president. I watch him sometimes just for amusement!
    Good thing about fading memory is you never see the same TV show twice, they are all new! Only another geezer like myself understands, just roll with it!!!