Naps 'n Such

In the Military, they told us to never pass up a chance to sleep, eat or go to the bathroom. You never know when a shortage of those things will appear. Normally a short nap in the afternoon is just the thing to get me back on the right foot. Yesterday I passed the nap threshold and paid for it in a shortened night's sleep. The good news is that it will all adjust out and I will manage to catch up on whatever it is I need to do.

One person I talked to during the "Farm to You" experience was a mid 30's young lady that said she could not imagine not working. I shared with her that retirement gives you a chance to spread out your projects and stay just as busy as you desire. Monday, I worked on the porch out in the garage, yesterday I volunteered at the Farm to You and today I have a trip to Lawrence in mind and when I get home a short project working on a water faucet. (or a nap which ever comes first) She lives on rural property and admitted that she has a lot of projects going on and manages to stay busy. I guess that it does take some amount of something to do to stay feeling that everything is worthwhile.

In one of our discussions, the subject of where do children get their knowledge came up. I know that I got a lot of information out of books, but there was also a lot of listening to adults talk that went on. I wonder just how much real interaction is going on today with the kids. I see a lot of texting, tweeting and Facebooking but I don't see kids with adults getting to hear about the ways to live their lives. A lot of that needs to be blamed on the proliferation of ways to communicate electronically and some need to be based on the fact that adults don't want to be bothered with the chatter of kids.

Oh well, at least while it is cloudy, we aren't getting the deluge of rain that is just a couple of states south and east of here. I do feel the need for sunshine but that will happen in good time.


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