On the Road Again

Our plan today is to drive by and perhaps in to Santa Fe, NM. I have always wanted to visit there and just never took the time to do so. We drove all day yesterday in a 30 to 40 MPH headwind. I am hopeng that it settles down to less than 10 MPH. In the panhandle of Oklahoma, it will start the day at 28 and be 83 by evening. In Topeka, a 20 degree difference is pretty large. Better run. MUD


  1. Hey MUD! Enjoy Santa Fe. Been through there dozens of times...it's a unique spot.

    Man, it was 80 degrees yesterday morning, and 40 last night. Supposed to turn right back around today & tomorrow. Springtime!

    Y'all have a great time!

  2. The travel log is great!