Spent most of the day yesterday on the lawn mower and it sure smelled like mowed grass out there this morning. To me that isn't a bad smell. In the spring when the wild onions are growing there is also a side smell of garlic that makes me want to go eat a grilled steak. Throw in the fact that the sun was out and it was 70 and all in all it wasn't a bad day. I was sitting there watching TV yesterday evening when Barb said they are predicting snow in both Twin Falls and Elko, NV. I guess we really shouldn't complain about cool weather.

My secondary job over the weekend is to not watch one minute of the Royal Wedding coverage. Hell, we fought a war to throw those people out of our lives and watching a bunch of horse faced royals dress like it is 1940 ought to be illegal. Yes, I know Princess Diana is dead, and no, I don't care if Prince Charles and Camilla ever get to rule. Watching rich people tie up the traffic and our TV's is more than I can bear. or Bare or whatever the hell I can't do.

I have a great big lawn mower that works like a champ most of the time. When I finally did put a new motor on it, I noticed that it had an electric starter. The bad news is that I haven't hooked it up. Every time I pull the starter rope on it, I pull a small muscle in my back under my shoulder blade. One of these times I am going to put a battery on it and a hook it up so I can use the electric start. Old doesn't always equate to smart.

Oh well, better get started on my projects for today. That damned outside faucet isn't going to fix its self.



  1. Yep, I missed "the wedding" as well, needed the sleep!
    I'm sure the news media will make sure we see plenty of wedding shots. That electric starter sounds like a good idea, a sure cure for back pain!

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