What a Trip

Our first night in Vegas, we stayed in the Rio. What a great hotel at a low price. You have to walk a long way from the parking garage to the front desk and then to the room but after a couple days in the car we needed to walk. Our trip to Zion was a bad day in Utah. There was a 15 to 25 MPH wind, clouds and cold weather, It was really simply too cold to be out and walking far. We did get to the temple of Sinawava and there were some waterfalls that were not there in the fall and the place was special. We went back to the Hotel and warmed up and rested. On Friday morning, it was snowing. The hotel people said in the 19 years they have been in Springdale, it had never snowed in April. We went back to Vegas and stayed at the Imperial Palace. There is no place I have stayed in all my visits in Vegas that was more dirty and run down. They put us right outside the Pool and there was music thumping so any idea of an afternoon nap was out of the question. Barb got them to move us the next day and we were just across the way from the garage and every time a noisy car drove through the building at least three different car alarms went off. DO NOT EVER STAY AT THE IMPERIAL PALACE. On Sunday Morning we had breakfast with our daughter-in-laws parents and had a wonderful breakfast. We left there and drove to Victorville to visit Barb's sister. Shirley is a wonderful sister with a beautiful house and a fine host. We had a nice visit and a couple of great meals. We are back in Vegas and I think it is Monday. In the morning I will drop off the kids at the airport and head home. I think we will drive up I-15 to I-70 and home through Denver. Can't wait until we get to spend the night in our own home. Have a great week. MUD


  1. Sounds like a hoot, MUD!

    And, thanks for the tip on the Imperial Palace. I wasn't planning on going to Vegas, but just in case...

    Be safe!

  2. "There's no place like home, Auntie M"
    After we have reached the furtherest point on a trip, I get a bad case of get-home-itis!
    Glad you had a safe trip.