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  • Yesterday I listened carefully as a College Professor talked about the explosion of information on the Internet. He was excited about the prospects of the new future. I have a couple of warnings about the proliferation of facts and truth on the Internet. First, we have all witness the fact that you can find many pages written about even the most trivial of things. I am convinced that when expanded beyond a reasonable point, information becomes data that must be searched through to use. I am thoroughly convinced that people believe that if it is written it is fact. The base truth is being re-written as we speak in such volume that truth, facts will both just be the noise level of data and no one will be able to stand up and be factual. Did you know that Wikipedia is being re-written without any real control?

  • A few years back we were told that the Ozone layer had a hole in it because of all the fluorocarbons and we must stop immediately using Freon and hair spray. Have you read anything about the hole in the Ozone? No, because it still is there and only man made facts tied the hole to the man made products. Lets see, there was the Nuclear winter, the Ozone hole, Global Warming and now the rush to have all incandescent bulbs replaced by Compact Fluorescent. I think we are getting kicked in the teeth by people that are making things up faster than they can be verified.

  • Right now we are ending the 2010 Tax season and I think our congress should be ashamed of its self. There are so many loopholes in the law that no one really knows what the true tax rate is. If you are rich, have a big house and lots of kids you may pay little or if you are poor you might have to pay at the top of your bracket without deductions. I think everyone should pay some. make more, pay more. End the loop holes and then be responsible with our money from the Federal level. If I can be debt free, so can the Government.

  • I may throw up if I hear one more speech about people in entitlement programs that will lose their free lunch with the current budget cuts. If an agency can't cut their spending by 10 % I won't feel sorry. The truth of the matter is that the current cuts are less than 1%. Do you know that a balanced budget in the minds eye of congress doesn't include any payment on the Federal debt, only the interest. Perhaps they need to have a lesson from my wife Barb instead of Visa.

  • I am a proud graduate of our Military system and can it be cut? Damn right it can. For starters, we need a Land Force, and Air Force and a Naval Force. In the reserves, I would give the Air Guard to the Air Reserves and the Army Reserves to the National Guard. Yep, no Marines or Coast Guard. If the Army doesn't need fighter planes, can someone explain why the Marines Do? As i see it, the only gray area is the Aircraft Carriers. I would have some of the fighter guys learn to land on ships and all the air guys would wear the Air force uniform.

Nuff Said - Mud Out.

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  1. On the refrigerant issue, in 1990, I became a licensed AC/Ref tech because in order to buy R-11 and R-12 refrigerant (not R-22 for homes) you had to be EPA licensed. That went on for about five years and the replacement, R-134a, was and is a POS that doesn't work and never will because of oil separation problems. Not only that, but R-11 and R-12 are still manufactured and sold all around the world, just not in the USA. The Montreal Protocol only wound up being implemented in the US.

    By the way, the EPA guy that administered the test told us that the whole concept was crap, too.