I loved the series Deadwood and watched every episode in spite of the over use of the shortened word for Fornication. I think they over used it for dramatic effect and narrowed the audience because of it. The dirt, muddy streets and rough conditions were accurate but the language was a lot too rough. The fact that the bar in the series was a whorehouse, was accurate but even there were a few too many scenes of sex.

Now we have Thrones on HBO. It was a porno movie stretched around a book. There were naked people in every scene and the murder of a 10 year old at the end of the first episode. I won't watch it again and refuse to let people say that HBO is bringing us great entertainment. It was trash and they should be ashamed.

I think that HBO will continue to push the line until there is a reaction they don't want. I am fully for free speech but there is a limit to what should be broadcast into our homes.


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  1. Vote with your wallet. Drop 'em like a hot rock.