There is this strange glow in the east and here by the window it is getting too bright to read without my sunglasses. I think in the deep recesses of my memory there is a faint glimmer of remembrances of the sun. Yep, danged if it isn't sunlight not an April Fools joke.

  • Blogger has been messin' with the format of my blog and the only way I can keep it any sense of format is to use the little bullets at the beginning of each paragraph. There is simply no other reason to use them but oh well.

  • This morning one of the cutest girls I met in High School sent me a request to be my friend on Facebook. She was pretty and had the voice of an angel. I think she even ran fro Miss Wichita once. On a trip to Texas with the Choir, her daddy bought her college outfit at Neiman Markes (No, I can't remember the right spelling and spellchecker dooesn't have a clue). It was painfully aware that I couldn't compete in her league. Oh well, I have done right well and am as happy as a clam.

  • If there is a little warm out side today, I have a lot of things to finish and a few new ones to start.

Better get cracking.


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  1. The weather here pulled an April Fool's trick on us. Barely 60 degrees, no sun, and as always windy here on the ridge. I was going to wash the Accord today, but it's just too chilly.
    Got to watch out for those old girl friends--get you in dutch with the misses,(personal experience!) The bullets look fine to me, makes each paragraph stand alone. Hope the sun stayed out for you.