Lies We Tell Ourselves

In the past, many people retold the lie that there is enough for everyone in our monetary system that deficits do not matter. Our Politicians head this list and both sides of the aisle are to blame. If you can borrow any excess to our revenues, there was truth in the fact that you could cut taxes and balance the budget. This is expecially true if you don't report the amount of the interest you pay each year. In the 1970's, England's socialist Government finally awoke to the fact that the British Pound Sterling was no longer the world's reserve currency and spent several decades battling back the wolves at their door. Either the United States starts getting our house in order or we too will have our hands full. The start of this is the fact that OPEC is starting to worry that the price of Oil needs to be priced in another currency. I guess when a country owes as much as its annual budget and goes on borrowing there is room to worry.

I think we live in a Las Vegas world. The bright lights, loud music and the glitz has us fooled into a false sense or reality. On the Strip, I sat outside when the Barbs and Dave went into the M&M shop. In the 20 minutes I sat out there, a bunch of homeless people staggered by and no one seemed to notice. A policeman rode by on a Segway adding a 1984 feel to it and it was topped by a Mexican woman sweeping up the cigarette butts. Most of the homeless were wearing rags and two had obviously just gone to the bathroom in their pants. Even my family was lured into the M&M shop and spent way too many dollars on personalized M&M's worth a few cents.

One big lie told in wars from Korea to Vietnam was that we needed to battle whatever forces were at work of soon they would be at our door. I just read a national Guard commander's comments as his unit returned from Africa and guess what? The message is that we need to be involved there or soon it will be at out door. My only question is when will the Chinese and the Japanese want their front door back. How about some of the oil rich countries start paying for the problems in the Muslim countries. Are they paying the other side to cause the instability and making us look like the devil when we rush in to play marshal every time there is a gun fight?

I am firmly convinced that conspiracy theories are a ball, but just because you are paranoid doesn't mean someone is not out to get you.



  1. The really fun number that I have read in the past week was 54 TRILLION DOLLARS. This is what we need to pay back all the Social Security funds that are owed to the people that have paid into the program.

    Democrat solution? ObamaCare to kill old people.

  2. Good post, MUD. It amuses me to think back on the pundits in the '80's that said deficits don't matter...then howl about them as they spiral out of control.

    I've heard the 54 trillion dollar figure, too. But, it's probably more than that, really.

    Truth is, it is not doable...not without heavy taxation, which will put a bullet in the head of any hope for a good economy. The population is aging, and younger workers are just not going to be able to pay enough taxes to support it. It just won't be possible.

    There is great trouble coming to US. GREAT trouble.

    Love the last line of the post, too.

  3. Every time I hear a Liberal tell me that Clinton balanced the budget, I ask them how much of the debt did he reduce by paying off? None. This is a problem that has gone on for a long time and both parties share the blame. The Social Security nest egg was spent by congress to build out Interstate system in the 50's and 60's. 54 trillion Dollars is so far gone that most people don't even have a memory of where or when it went. MUD

  4. One thing to continually remember, MUD. Spending bills must originate in the House. In the last 100 years, only 13 of those years have been controlled by Republicans. To say that Republicans share the blame is true, but it is only about a 87-13 percent split.