Cold in the Heartland

The weather has been cold for us for about two weeks. While were were gone, things here in the Heartland were nice. We get home and it turns cold. To add to the cold wind, the sun is hidden by a cloud cover. Very little warm will penetrate that. Oh well, I will dress warm and survive. Barb is out showing kids about the different grasses in Kansas. She bought a bunch of seeds and will let the kids take home a map of Kansas with different seeds glued on the map. Hopefully some of them will plant the seeds and see the grasses when they mature. Barb is on the youth education committee of the Master Gardner's and takes that position pretty seriously. Did I mention the highways on our trip? In years past, New Mexico had a lot of truck traffic on I-40 and little maintenance. This trip their roads were the best and the Arizona Highways were the poorest. I won't try to talk about Highway 54 here in Kansas as the truck traffic has it rutted and until someone realizes that a 2 lane road needs to be a 4 lane it won't improve. Oh well, I will try to stay warm today and go over to help Barb a little. At least I'll buy her lunch. MUD

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