Farm To You

The County Extension Office here in Shawnee County is a place where K-State-ers abound. When someone suggested there needs to be a way to educate kids about Farms, the whole world that wears purple turns out. There are 4-H kids, FFA kids, Master Gardeners and local farmers turn out and tie a common slice of Pizza to what is grown on the farm. CiCi's Pizza provides a piece of cheese pizza for all the kids. They also turn out a few slices for each volunteer. I think a good time was had by all. I estimate about 900 kids got too see beef and milk cows, pigs, Garden products, Egg production, weather and water management. I got to see all the little kids I could stand for one day. I also had the chance to meet three of the County Commissioners. I put the bug in their ear that if we as a world want to continue to have it all, we need to stress volunteerism. If the County Extension Office can find 40 volunteers, our governments need to do a better job of spending less and doing more.

My job today was to manage and fill the water cans that filled those little cups. It took most of at least 10 gallons of water each time for four rotations of kids. It was a great time but I feel a nap sneaking up on me. My feet are the worst part of it. I spent most of the time from 8 AM to 2 PM on my feet. Oh well, nothing that a Naproxin Sodium can't cure.

Better run, my fingers are getting tired.

MUD, the Water Boy - Not to be confused with Gunga Din

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  1. Great idea! Most kids just take it for granted that milk comes from a plastic jug, no correlation to the cow!
    Funny how "nap time" has a way of sneaking up on you, every day at 2PM my eyes want to slam shut for an hour. Y'all did good today!