Weather Yo-Yo

It started out today overcast and 55 and is predicted to get to 70. Tomorrow will struggle to get to 55. Oh well, at least we got some much needed moisture overnight.

I have some jobs to start but am afraid to get the patch on my nose really dirty. The dermatologist froze a place off and it blistered up and the blister broke. I am doing my best to keep it clean and covered but it is so near my glasses that I don't wear them unless I am blogging. It is so hard to not just reach up and scratch my nose not thinking about what is the real reason. I think that is the real purpose of a band aid. Oh well.

Today is my brother Rick's birthday. He was my mother's 30th birthday present. Her birthday would have been tomorrow. I have no idea how many times I answered the question 4/23/22 for her at the Doctor's office. Happy birthday brother... Mom is in heaven where every day is her birthday.

Tomorrow we will have Austen and Kyler over for our Easter treat. I am not sure what all we will do but I hope it includes a bike ride at the lake. If it is only 50, it probably won't but you can never tell.

Write if you get work.


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