I gained 5 lbs this AM

Barbara watches Martha Stewart at 9 AM and immediately following that, Martha Stewart Bakes is on. Immediately following that there is a cooking show and today she cooked shrimp in a coconut ginger sauce with baby green beans. I am absolutely sure that I gained five lbs just watching such great cooking. It sure has my juices flowing to create something with the smoky chicken breasts or steak. The smoky marinade taste of the meat will be a good base for about anything I throw at it.

I'm sure that I could throw something together from left overs for a lunch and need to create a new dish for supper. There is still a good portion of couscous with vegetables in there. If the celery is any good, perhaps a chicken salad for sandwiches is in order.

I got up this morning with all good intentions of working on the carport roof at the rental house. It is cool, rainy and just sucked the enthusiasm right out of me. Oh well, I guess I can find something to do after I satiate my appetite.

OH Well, Can't Dance and it's too wet to Plow.


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