On the boat to Vietnam, one of the guys taught me to play cribbage. I picked up a computer card game DVD and have started to play the cribbage game included there. I have about an 80% win rate so far. I haven't noticed many playing errors from the opponents, only some major card differences. I think I saw one time where the other player put a card in the crib that could have made them points. Even then, I probably did that a time or two. Oh well, keeps me off the street. Got out yesterday and helped Barb plant potatoes. She pushes them into the soil about half way and covers them up with straw. They may get a coat of dirt on top of the straw when we get back. Last year the Yukon Golds were the only one's that did anything. I love creamed peas and new potatoes. It was almost 50 this morning so there is a good chance that it might get to 70 today. I know that Barb is ready for some sunny and warm weather. I told Dave that I want to feel a trickle of sweat run down my neck just once in the next week or so. Oh well, write if you get work. MUD

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