In most families, there are selected individuals that have done things that have done great things that make their family members proud. I am of the opinion that being happy for someone else's accomplishments is a good thing and there have been a lot of good things in our family. This weekend one of my nieces was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa organization for her 3.5+ GPA in a Junior College. It is the same award as the Phi Beta Kappa at a 4 year college. Amanda is one bright, pretty and smart young lady that has done herself proud. At least she has made us proud as have many of the young members of our family. I would be afraid to start listing the accomplishments of all the other young people for fear that I might miss one. We have college graduates, professionals and a national Rowing team member in the family and I for one love to see them all grow as proud members of society. MUD

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  1. Makes you feel good, doesn't it.
    Many young folks today, DO have their head screwed on right.