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Every year, Mother Nature starts giving us little green stalks of Asparagus from our yard. This always reminds me of the bounty we get from the ground and I have barb to thank for lots of good eats. I sometimes laugh that I am the head laborer and work for the Master Gardner but the work is always worth the bounty we get from the garden.

I also share her joy in the pretty side of growing. She plants and grows a lot of native wild flowers and grasses. Yes, once or twice a year I get a water bill that makes me wince but what else is worth our money life the water that helps her gardens grow.

Another thing worth the money is any of the money and time we spend with Barb Jr's nephews. Austen and Kyler are such a joy to have over. Their smiles and endless enthusiasm just a hoot. Those two can so more by accident that Barb and I do all week on purpose. Who else would pile up branches to make a fort in our front yard? Sticks have to be somewhere.

Better go get cleaned up. Might be able to find somewhere fun to go today. I am pretty sure I could make some asparagus with ham and eggs to eat. Probably will have supper out with the kids.


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