Just a few thoughts

An old retired Military guy goes to the most beautiful place on God's green earth and what's the first thing he takes a picture of? The US flag flying high and mighty. We might have a separation of church and State but I will always have a union of flag and Mother Nature high on my list of things I am proud of. A simple hillside captures more beauty than the Las vegas strip to me. Put that hillside against the red rocks of Zion and a blue sky and let me be there with a smile on my face.
At the north end of the park is the Temple of Cinawava. It was a spectacular place when we were hear last fall. I had no idea that in wet weather a waterfall cascaded down to the Virgin River valley. What was simply pretty last year was so spectacular this spring that I almost couldn't imagine anything prettier.
The people at the Lodge said it has never snowed in April in the 19 years they have been there. Well, guess what? It was way too snowy to see the scenery so we trudged back to Vegas.
This was the wild life with us. Mighty nice people to travel with. I found the sweatshirt in Albuquerque for $7.00. Best $7.00 I ever spent and Dave stayed warm and colorful.
I have a Seiko Kinetic watch and after three days in the car and not moving enough, it stopped. I have to wind it up if I sit still too long. Must be a moral to that story.


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  1. Sounds like it was a good trip, thanks for sharing some of the pics.